He arrived at her house, his heart racing.  He had been smitten with her for a long time and had confessed his feelings mere hours earlier.  He hadn’t been sure how it had landed with her, but he hoped she felt the same about him.  He parked the car hastily in the back, rehearsing the talk in his head.  Quickly he walked down the concrete walkway to the brown door and knocked.  He was near hyper-ventilating at this point.  How would she receive him, was this really happening.

He heard footsteps and the yellow light reached through the door into the dark night as the door moved open hesitantly.  Behind it stood the most beautiful woman he had ever known.  Her short curly dark hair tie back in a pony tail and her blue eyes not betraying anything that was about to happen.  She smiled uncomfortably and invited him downstairs to talk.  He followed her slowly and nervously down the stairs, having already forgotten his planned speech to confess his attraction to her.  She moved into her room and he started to talk.  He talked faster than he could think and was babbling.  She looked at him, seeing his fear and took this time to say the only words she had to say. “Shut up”.

He stopped dead in his tracks, confused, she leaned in and kissed him.  His heart raced and he kissed her back.  The candles she burned every night filled the room with a dim light.  She tasted like vasoline, a nightly ritual prior to bed time for her.  She had the most beautiful smell, the smell of her body lotion, the scent alone could make his heart do back flips, it was her smell.  They sat and kissed on the edge of her bed, him gripping the white sheets in his hands.  It was better than he had imagined, kissing the woman he wanted so badly.