Shared Journeys

Alana looked around her office, all the things that had become a home away from home.  The drawings her niece had given her tacked to the wall, fading from the sun that shone through the window every afternoon.  The pictures of her dogs in various positions of cuteness tacked over top of her monitor.  A couple of framed pictures of her and her husband from their wedding, were strategically placed on her desk.  The desk a U shape in white, with black legs, one side of the U against the 13th floor window the other side to the doorway and the front up against the one wall.  She sat in it thinking about how hard she had worked to get this office and the place in the company hierarchy an office put her, over having a cubicle.  She leaned back in her chair and reflected on the many years she had spent at this job, the firm, loving it and letting it drive her crazy all at the same time.

She broke from the nostalgia and looked back down at her phone, the notification on the screen telling her she had a Linkedin message.  Not many people she knew used her Linkedin, she gave out cards like they were candy and most just e-mailed her.  She then read the name beside the Linkedin notification.  “Cammy”, it read.  Alana racked her brain for a second trying to remember meeting a Cammy at any point lately. Tough to keep track of it.  Alana was a leading expert in her field, she was in high demand and met a lot of people.  In the last twelve months she had restructured her firms software while leading her department, published a couple of research papers on the side, done about 15 speaking engagements from open panels to talks she was the lead speaker at.  She also found time to travel for some professional development where she expanded her knowledge base in courses.  At all of these events she was in high demand, many people came to introduce themselves to her and ask her for some of her time.  She always made time, she loved to teach.  Often there were CEO’s of companies or other managers taking her aside and buying her drinks to see if she was wavering in her comfort level at her job.  Each and every one knowing getting her on board would instantly change their corporations market position, making them the a true leader in their industry.  So Alana ran faces and names through her head but no Cammy.

She flipped open her phone and saw it was a head hunter doing some recruiting for an unnamed firm.  She got a lot of these, and always listened to the offers, it helped her gauge the interest in the market for her own negotiating purposes and maybe a tiny bit for ego.

She read through it and typed out a quick response with the standard questions that would get her the info she needed.  Quickly the recruiter responded and presented what appeared to be a wonderful offer.  Alana stared at it and decided to take a lunch to have a phone call.  The offer was amazing and the money was great.  The call was very ego building and made her feel excited, maybe it was time to explore a new challenge, she was reaching a ceiling at her current position.  But she loved where she worked, it was a great job with great people.  She had a ton of fringe benefits and she was just getting to where she wanted with her team.  Also she and her husband had just bought a new house, and this was their home, leaving would be tough.  She worried her husband wouldn’t understand or would be upset if they had to move away.  She sent him a quick message.


Got a nice offer today from a company, they really value me and are offering an executive role.  In Chicago though, so I am going to say no.  Cool to know I am wanted though.  

Love you.


Brad flipped over his phone and saw his wife left him a message.  He read it quickly and saw she had gotten another job offer.  They had been coming in regularly lately and he was damn proud of her.  He looked at it and saw it was for an executive role.  He knew that was what she wanted more than anything, but Chicago did suck.  He also saw she turned it down.   He knew the offer she wanted would come soon.  But a huge part of him worried she wasn’t willing to take the leap because she worried too much about his feelings.  He didn’t particularly want to leave, his family was in their city as he was close to them.  But he also never wanted her to miss a chance she wanted, he married her and was proud of her.  He would happily follow her anywhere, even if it turned out poorly they would share the journey together.

Brad wondered why they had never really had an honest talk about how they felt about this.  He never really told her he was ready to go anywhere for her and he never really heard her demand they look more seriously at one of these offers.  He made a mental note to talk about their journey that night and where the ship was pointed, as well as the ability for quick course adjustments.