Kweli sat in the window and soaked up the early winter sun.  He watched the old guy in his ragged jacket, ill-fitting pants and dirty grey toque, go from blue bin to blue bin in the alley adding any cans to the shopping cart as he found them.  Little treasures.  He watched quietly as the cars pulled up and down the alley going to and fro.  He didn’t really care about these things, he watched them all as he laid down in the window and rested his head on his front paws.  A squirrel ran up the tree in the back yard and he perked up, but then remembered two things.  One he was inside and didn’t have a way out into the cold. Two his dinner came to him from his human.  Of course lately the mice had started moving in and he had been catching those too.  His human wasn’t really treating this offerings of love with the respect he thought they deserved, but maybe mice weren’t to her tastes.

His human and him had it figured out perfectly.  Kweli jumped down from the window and worked his way to the basement where his bed, and his human’s, was.  He slowly and deftly made his way down the stairs, his black body glistened as it caught the light and his wonderful green eyes sparkled.  He got down to the bed and jumped up lightly as not to wake his human just yet.  He looked at her for a second, her beautiful dark curls streaming down the pillow and the blankets pulled loosely up over her shoulders.  His human tended to sleep late on a couple of days of every week, like really late, but this suited him fine.  He strolled to the top of the bed and pushed his nose back under the top of the blankets.  He softly wiggled his way underneath the covers and up alongside the hip of his human.  He loved her warmth of her, and curled up against her to drift into a sleep.  Not a care in the world.  He really had the life.

Later that day Kweli waited for his owner to arrive home, it was getting really late out and he was used to her being home by this time.  But she had been spending a lot of time out and even had a new visitor over lately, so this wasn’t out of character.  The carefreeness was lost when the visitor was over, he didn’t much like the way the visitor up against his human, it cut into Kweli’s cuddling space and cuddling her was his job.  He went to the main floor window and looked back out over the parking stall, waiting for his human to come home.

When his human did arrive he was not pleased to see the visitor with her.  This was not good, the night was late enough and it was time to cuddle not visit.  The keys clicked into the door lock and Kweli scrambled onto the step overlooking the entry.  As his human came in he eyed the visitor suspiciously.  He would appreciate it if the visitor would stop being an interloper on his happy little life.  But he would quietly ignore the visitor and not give the visitor the pleasure of knowing he bothered Kweli.

As the night went on Kweli’s human and the visitor headed down stairs and changed their clothes, Kweli was confused as to why this non-house-member even had another set of clothes.  Then he watched in sheer horror as the visitor got into Kweli’s bed with Kweli’s human and they cuddled.  Worse yet they both fell asleep right away, his human resting her head in the visitors shoulder, and as they fell asleep the visitor started snoring loudly.  Like a freaking mac truck driving through the bedroom.  This was bullshit as far as Kweli was concerned.  He sat at the foot of the bed staring at these two humans in disgust, angered that someone would fail to get his permission to lay in his bed or cuddle his human.  So he did what any self-respecting cat would do in his home, he chose to fight. He stepped on the humans until they shifted and woke the visitor.  Then he sat there and stared into the eyes of the visitor trying to make sure the visitor felt intimidated.  What did the son-of-a-bitch do?  He reached up and tried to pat Kweli on the head, that would not be stood for.  Kweli got up and chose to sleep in the window that night.

The visitor kept coming back with Kweli’s human, staying night after night, taking Kweli’s bed.  For days Kweli had tried many cat tricks to scare the visitor away, but none seemed to work.  He was at a cross-roads.  Pee on the visitor or accept the visitor.  That night he got into the bed with the two humans and stood over the visitor.  He looked at the snoring monster in his bed and started to weigh his options.  He looked at his owner curled up peacefully near the visitor and he made his final decision.  Kweli crawled to the top of the bed, pushed his nose under the blankets and wiggled himself down, but tonight he chose the visitors hip to cuddle, and the visitor reached down and scratched him behind the ear.  Maybe it was time to call the visitor something else, seemed he was sticking around.