Bailey was working hard today.  He was going to get to new depths before the day was done.  He prided himself in a couple of things, the quality of work and the speed in which he did it.  He knew he only had so many hours in the day and he had to make the most of them.  Of course Bailey was a goal orientated kind of guy, he set to the task and wanted to finish it, and when something got in his head he was stubborn about his attempts.

As Bailey dug into the hard ground under him, he thought of himself as a humanitarian.  He was going to dig deep enough and wide enough as to make an escape tunnel.  He did not know for certain how many users there would be, but he was certain they would want to travel through his tunnel and into the safety on the other side.  Bailey thought proudly of the service he would offer people when he had completed his goal.

The task had started easy enough.  Bailey had grabbed the shovel, after all he felt real accomplishment came from effort of ones own hands and muscles forget machinery, and set to work.  Plowing the green shovel head into the ground he carved himself out a small circle, peeling up the grass with ease and then the first layer of soft dark topsoil.  Bailey was just thinking  how much easier his task was than his expectations, when he hit the cold yellow/brown clay below the topsoil.  His arms vibrating with the jarring blow into the harder substrate.  Bailey now was realizing it was only going to get harder from here.  But he wanted to finish the task, so he dug away.  Tearing rocks from the ground in some spots, he kept digging.

Bailey had been working for hours and the day was drawing to an end.  He stepped back from his project and admired how far he had come.  He was tired but he had accomplished lots.  He knew it was going to be a multiple phase job, so he wasn’t bothered by the huge amount of work ahead of him.  He left to clean up and eat his dinner.  He had after all worked up an appetite.

As Bailey sat at the dinner table chomping on his chicken breast and rice, he was planning the progress in his head.  Then suddenly his train of thought was interrupted.  The back door below his kitchen table burst open and in came a middle-aged man, obviously upset.  He looked up at Bailey as he hobbled into the house.

“Dammit Bailey, if you are going to dig to Asia can’t you at least not do it at the gate to the backyard.”  Bailey’s injured father roared “You have to go and fill that hole in when you finish dinner.”

Bailey stared down at his plate, discouraged that he had hurt his father and his father was unhappy.  Bailey realized his project was being closed down.  He finished off his dinner and wiped the tears from his eyes.  He carried himself outside and started filling the hole back in.  As he put the last little bit of dirt back into his project he heard his father calling from the side of the house.  He rounded the corner and there stood his dad, shovel in hand and a new hole at his feet.

“Good work on that hole buddy, but I think it would be better placed over here when you get back to work tomorrow!”