Akailla saw the clouds coming from the north.  She watched as they passed over the houses across the street.  She didn’t have much to do during the day and watching the clouds was one of her favourite.  She would consider the images they could be, rabbit, duck, squirrel and cats, all flying by each day.  She watched wondering what purpose these clouds served most days.  Some days though the purpose was clear, to ruin her day.

She sat in her small room, looking up at the sky and waiting for her parents to come to let her out.  She watched as they grew darker and scarier.  As the first sign of lightning came she began to get nervous.  Then the thunder clapped hard and she cowered in her corner.  These storms always made her uneasy and they always meant her day would be less eventful.  She worried about her parents in these storms, wanted to know they would be home safe to see her again.  She listened to the wind howl outside and make the house around her seem like it was being pulled apart at times.  She curled up and closed her eyes, hoping to sleep.  But the storm worsened and she couldn’t get it out of her mind.  The water fell hard and fast, this would probably wreck the chances of her playing outside all night, at least as long as the storm kept coming.  As the rain fell she heard a solid noise and then another, the sound coming more frequently as she listened and watched.  Then it came hard and constant the banging against the house was so loud she couldn’t hear anything but it.  The hail made her feel unsafe and very frightened.

Akailla curled up tighter and putting her favourite stuffed animal under her chin.  She wished her parents would come home and tell her everything was ok. But they weren’t home and she wondered where they were.  The storm did not seem to be slowing down.

Then she saw the happiest thing in the world, coming around the corner from the door two feet in black shoes and two feet in their socks.  She looked up and there were her parents, concerned and calling her name.  Trying to comfort her through the storm.  They let her out of her room and scratched behind her ears and told her she was good.  She calmed instantly the sound of the loud hail and claps of thunder distant to her now.  Her parents were home to keep her safe, all was well now!