It is always fun to take a moment to look back on one’s life, no matter at what point one stands.  We are our own experiences and we see the world from our own perspective.  For a five-year old it seems like being twenty is like being close to death.  For a seventy-five year old it seems like twenty is close to birth.  Evan knew this about the world around him and he regularly tried to do a life review, just to enjoy the good things and remember what he came through.  That, and from where Evan stood, the worst thing that could happen is in a surprise death scenario, his life flashing before his eyes was the only time he saw that movie.  He wanted to experience that movie in different moods.

Today he sat in a Texas motel room, with a smile on his face.  He was in Amarillo for the first time in his life and he had arrived late in the evening, it was really just a stop on the road.  The sun was up and bright and below him was the motel parking lot.  A pretty crappy motel to be honest.  In his room sat a waffle shaped like the state on his desk, from the hotels free breakfast.  This state seemed to really like its shape.  Beside the door sat the desk chair he had wedged up against the door so he would have some protection if someone tried to break-in while he slept the previous night.  The bed was a mess and he his bag sat zipped up.  He was getting out of here right away, Amarillo wasn’t the place he was planning to stay when he started this trip.

Evan thought about all the great things that had happened in his life and decided to start the next adventure, the movie had finished playing in his head.   He liked what he had become.  This trip was a fun one for Evan, a Western Canadian taking an extended break between jobs to travel and see some sports venues he always wanted to and some he hadn’t thought of.  He loved the road, he could drive anywhere and enjoy it.  Part of the  vacation was the open road and the things you don’t see from an airplane.  He felt safe on the road, like the road and he had an understanding.  He chose the road, respected it and loved it and in return it would lead him to some amazing adventures.

Evan started his grey Ford Mustang and pulled out of the lot, he had been to Colorado and seen a ballgame, watched the ball fly that little bit further in the thinner air.  He wasn’t a Rockies fan and they were playing the Giants which wasn’t a big deal to him.  Sure he  thought Buster Posey had the best name in baseball but really nothing brought him to the game.  Some AAA call up pitched for the Giants.  But he had done it and it was part of the movie in his head now.  Today as he headed east, he was excited.  He drove through West Texas, flat and barren.  Through small communities, many of the building boarded up along the way.  Laughing about the tax advantages Texas bragged of, obviously the advantages weren’t in this part.  He laughed even harder as he passed his first armadillo, squished at the side of the road, like the movies told him they would be.  He thought ahead to the rest of his trip, leaving the movie of his life’s journey past back at the hotel.  A stop in Dallas included a tour of Texas Motorspeedway.  This was huge for him, he had not in all his life been near a NASCAR track and as a Canadian there weren’t any near by.  The tour included a couple of laps around the track, he was extra excited about this.  To stand on victory lane, a victory lane that 3 times had seen his favourite driver, Carl Edwards visit.  A couple of ballgames in Texas and then off to Charlotte for his first race, the Coca-Cola 600.  This was going to be awesome.

Evan was busy in his own thoughts and fantasies when his old friend the road chose to betray him.  In this moment, maybe Evan wasn’t respecting the road and that is why it chose to teach him a lesson.  In his own thoughts he had missed the large pothole that he was bearing down on.  His car had put a lot of miles on over the years and he hadn’t maintained it like a car enthusiast would have.  As he hit the pothole with his left tire, the tie-rods snapped, creating a control problem for Evan, he drifted into the oncoming lane.  He looked up to see the a large truck with Subway written all over it, funny that was Carl Edwards sponsor.  And then the movie hit play, and Evan watched it like a re-run, able only to focus on it, realizing his journey was now over.