Candace was a strong independent type woman.  She had prided herself on not needing others and finding her own way to succeed.  She left her family home at eighteen to move to a big city and carve out her own path in the world.  She was confident enough in University to change degree tracks to a totally different focus than she had originally set out on.  When she left University she entered a profession totally unrelated to her recently acquired degree.  In that profession she carved herself out a role of her own.  Candace was a leader and proud of what she had become.

As she entered her late twenties she looked around and loved what she had in front of her. She made incredible money, had a super purse collection, one that included brands like Burberry and Michael Kors.  She opened her closet to her purse caddy and smile.  It often lead to her spending nights changing purses and never did she go more than a few months without adding to the collection.  She owned a nice car that she paid for on her own and she had recently made the purchase of her first home.  Her first property, all on her own, not needing anyone to share the mortgage qualification with.  She was rolling.  And as she looked around she realized she didn’t need anyone else.

But while she thought of this she looked into the bed beside her and saw the man she had been spending a lot of time with.  She wasn’t particularly interested in having someone else in her life but this guy had been spending a lot of time with her, and he certainly was interested in her.  She wasn’t even sure if she liked him in a romantic way, he just happened to be an ok guy who she enjoyed talking with and more recently curling up to cuddle with.  Mere weeks from moving into her first home she had met him.  She laughed at the thought that at least she would have his help to move.

As the weeks went by, her new male guest became a constant fixture in her life.  He had even been out shopping with her to select her new puppy.  At this point Candace realized he was probably an ok guy and she was enjoying spending time together.  As she got ready to move she was starting to see him as more than just a helpful mover.

The day came for the big move and her house guest was there with the U-hual loading and unloading.  Helping get all of her belongings into the new house.  She had been so excited for this day and it was turning out perfect.  The moving was going smooth, the December day was warmer than seasonal and the sun was bright in the sky.  She couldn’t wait to spend her first night alone in the home she had purchased all by herself.  As she watched her guest move, she realized she had fallen in love for this man.  As the day closed and the house was setup she made a decision.  She was going to show him she loved him as much as he did her.  She walked over and gave him a big kiss, sliding her tiny hand inside of his large hands and releasing the small object into his hand.  He looked down into his hand and saw a key to her house.  He was shocked and filled with warmth.

Candace decided she could be strong, independent and amazing but she could share that with someone now.  He no longer needed to be a guest in her house or her heart.