Keith looked at the new multi-gravitional screw gun with counter sinking ability.  He was impressed, it came in three different ergonomic designs to cater to most of their human and alien clientele.  It was a real awesome piece of equipment.  It was a wonderful orange colour, which didn’t matter to humans but the Kulakians really had an affinity for orange, so why not.  It came with a fast action self-feeder that saved tons of time.  You could secure near any material to any other material with the variable speed and torque.  Want to attached a rock to a rock, most likely this was your tool.  With the right sized screw, this thing could attach two asteroids together.  Keith was going to sell the shit out of this thing.  He was just glad the market was picking up.

Keith loaded up his new freight ship and set out to the local systems.  He hit the Kulakians first.  They were easy sales, well at least when you presented them with a useful tool in orange.  He booked a few orders with them and moved on.  One system after another he pitched and sold his new tool.  He was booking order after order.  Very happy with himself after a few weeks out in space making huge sales, he headed back to the office to complete his reports.

When he got back he bumped in to a few guys who were talking about the Bulatians.  A very innovative culture that were hired by many other alien races for their ability to create and construct things at amazing speeds.  Many of the Universal wonders had been constructed by the Bulatians.  In fact they are probably responsible for teaching human Egyptians how to build the pyramids.  But here in lies the problem. The Bulatians like to be credited for their work and well the Ancient Egyptians of Earth didn’t give appropriate credit.  At least that is the story, because while they like to get credit, they don’t like to boast.  They are proud not arrogant.  At least they thought that.  Anyways, this new tool would sell huge with this particular race, but they hated humans so much it would be a tough pitch and a potential dangerous one.

Keith listened to his co-workers talk about this and decided they were cowards.  No one sold as cowards and after his trip to the Forbidden Zone, really what could be worse than the Rojean.  So as soon as he filled out his paperwork he loaded the ship back up and headed to the Bulatian planet responsible for purchasing for all their construction teams.

After arriving in the appropriate system he had to work hard to negotiate a parking spot on planet.  It also meant he would have to catch Bulatian public transit across planet to get to his meeting with their main purchaser.  Bulatian public transit wasn’t so bad.  They were nice air buses that ran on special routes that didn’t interfere with other sky traffic, they were always on time.  The Bulatians looked a lot like a gorilla with the head of an eagle.  They were intimidating to look at but honestly thought they were better than most so avoided interaction as a way to dismiss others.  He might get odd looks, but Bulatians would not waste time dignifying him with discussion.  They also were actually a fairly pleasant smelling race. Despite their size, they didn’t sweat.

As he arrived at the purchaser he thought over the presentation in his head and gave himself a pep-talk.  If he could close here he would make his biggest order in months, maybe of the year.  As he opened the door he saw the Bulatian purchaser, introduced himself and delivered his presentation and waited for the response from the Bulatian.

“Why should I not just kill you human and take the tools?  In fact I think I may just do that.”

Keith realized this wasn’t a joke, the Bulatian had wrapped his hand around a weapon and was seriously considering killing Keith.  This was an objection he had not been taught to overcome.  Keith grabbed the sample tool, spun quickly out the door as the Bulatian levelled his weapon, and  Keith dove out the door.  He heard the Bulatian raise to his feet and knew it would be coming through the door to kill him.  Thinking quickly he took his sample and rammed screws through the door on an angle and into the door frame.  The self-feeder performing seamlessly, with almost no time between completing the one screw and the next loading.  He pumped five screws into the door and made his way out of the office and business core of the Bulatian planets major city.  He zig zagged through the city never staying in one spot, ensuring he arrived at the transit station as the air bus was scheduled to leave.  He hopped on as the door closed and rode it back to his ship.  Thank goodness for their awesome transit system.

Once out of Bulatian space he thought long and hard to himself.  Maybe he needed to be a little more careful about where his ambition lead him, but he also remember making this promise after the Rojean trip.  Fuck it, he thought and flipped open his computer.  He sent the Bulatian purchaser an e-mail.

My Bulatian Friend,

As you see, the screw gun has quick feeding and action.  It sets the screws strong even when toe-nailed.  So strong they can hold a door closed against the force of a shoulder.  The quick feeding allows you to push more than a screw per second into almost any surface material and substrate.  It is backed by our standard 10 year warranty and our service centre will send you out a new tool if you have any problems not related to misuse.

I think I have demonstrated the value of this tool to you and your work. 

Let’s place an order, how many can I put you down for?  15,000 to start?

Thanks for your time today.