Looking below his feet at the hard ground, Carl wondered quietly how he had got into this situation.  He licked his dry, now cracking, lips and hoped water would be in his future.  His large frame, built from years of dedication to the gym, ached under the tightness of his now burnt skin.  His eyes drove him nuts, unable to properly lubricate anymore.  Some shit just really sucks, is all Carl could think.  He figured it wouldn’t be long until he could fix the pain, he was sure he heard the sounds of a train off in the distance, so he trudged towards the sound.

Carl really wasn’t a fun in the sun kind of cat.  He totally believed in the “Suns out Guns Out” philosophy, mainly cause he had worked on those guns for years at his local Gold’s Gym.  But the truth was Carl just found the heat damn annoying.  He would sweat and then his muscular frame would chafe from all those awesome muscles rubbing together.  He was like the polar opposite of a fat guy with the same rubbing friction issues of a fat guy.  Carl despised fat guys, lazy bastards.  Carl had been a fat guy as a child and he would never be that guy again.

He thought about how his weak fat guy previous self would suffer in the situation he was in now. He looked around, no water in sight, nothing but low growing bush like thorny things and very hard ground.  Above him the sun was working its way down from its peak, thank god for that.  It would be dark soon, and it might be cold but Carl needed the relief.  The hot sun had been baking him all day.  But fat guy him would have died long ago.

It had all started because of something Carl did like, Boobs!  He didn’t much care for the hot days, but when he met a girl with wonderful breasts, he would do anything she asked.  So when Kate came into his life, all of her 36D love mounds took over his decision-making process.  Kate liked him, probably because of his incredible body-builder physique, Carl assumed.  Also he did come from some pretty good family money.  So when Kate said she wanted to go to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, Carl was all on board.  He hated the sun, didn’t gamble and didn’t let alcohol near his temple.  He didn’t really fit into the clothes of designer shops either.  Vegas was not really his thing but Kate’s wonder bust was.  He thought he might find the Grand Canyon pretty cool so he was into that as well.

Kate was one of those high-maintenance type gals.  She liked things to be amazing but also wanted Carl to make it look like he did more than just book an excursion with a concierge.  So when Grand Canyon day came, Carl went outside the box.  He rented a convertible mustang and decided to drive out to the Grand Canyon, a place he had found on an internet forum that people said was not well-travelled and would offer some privacy.  Carl thought Kate would love a romantic picnic in their own quiet section of the Grand Canyon.  Carl also thought this would get him a chance to touch her lovely lady humps and maybe have one of those love-making stories for the magazines.  Carl probably could have spent more time thinking with the brain upstairs but that also had never been one of his things.

So off he and Kate had set in the morning, the White Mustang glistened in the sun and they dropped the top right away.  They were listening to some good road music and Carl thought he had the route all mapped out.  That was until they took a couple of wrong turns and Carl landed the car in a mound of dirt/sand that he couldn’t get it out of.  Kate sat in the car while he tried to dig out, calling him stupid.  He was getting upset at her as the time went on.  They ended up eating the picnic beside their car that was stuck and despite all his muscles he couldn’t get it out.  At this point they weren’t even talking, well except for Kate’s snide remarks about his lack of intelligence.  Man she was pissing him off, bitch really took him for granted.  Isn’t it the thought that counts.  Hours went by without signs of life and so they decided to walk to find help.  They packed up all the water they could find and started off.  After a couple of hours of walking the sun had peaked and they were tired.  The water was near its end and now they were lost.

Kate looked at Carl and let out one more blast “Stupid muscle head fuck, you didn’t even think we might need more water in the desert, you never really think do you.”  Hours of this kind of talk had Carl steaming mad, so Carl did what any self-respecting man would do, he knocked her the fuck out and left her in the desert.  Let her see what her brains would get her.  Maybe he would come back to pick her up when he found help, maybe.  Maybe she could find her own way.  To make sure she did, he left the water with her, that should be good.

Now as the sun set, Carl realized he should have kept the water.  He hadn’t found help yet and she probably drank it and found help right away.  And honestly he didn’t think she would come to help him.  Carl was used to finding his own way.  Carl looked around again, man a person can see for a long ways, he thought, and then he thought about how vast the desert was.