It is always funny the things we take for granted in our worlds.  The love of our families, the safety of our homes and our health.  Who ever really sits down and thinks about how great the love of their spouse, children, parents or siblings is?  When is the last time you looked around your house and realized the safety they walls and windows provided?  Or the place you lived and were thankful that you went to sleep without worrying about something horrible happening?  And everyone waits until a doctor scares the shit out of them to make changes to protect their health.  It is crazy the very fragility of the world around everyone and the lack of thought put into it.

These thoughts turned over in Steve’s mind all the time.  He stared out the window of his room, and watched as the people without these thoughts walked by.  He yearned for the days when he was permitted the ability to not consider how everything was on the edge of being shattered at any given moment. But Steve didn’t have that luxury, he couldn’t be one of those people any more.  Steve would forever think of how much he had taken for granted and how much he would now miss out on life.  Everything changes in an instant.

Steve thought back to the moment when he heard the shattering of glass, the moment right before he lost the ability to be as naive as everyone else.  Steve was in his bed, fading into a blissful sleep, after a long days work.  His wife beside him, her long beautiful blonde hair sprawling over her brown pillow.  Steve loved to touch that hair, its softness rubbing between his coarse fingers, weathered from years of framing houses.  His son slept down the hall, now seven going on thirty, the kid had spunk.

Steve heard the shattering of glass at the front of his house, and it woke him up.  He shook himself from sleep and tried to figure out what was dreamland and what was reality, this takes us all a few minutes.  In that few minutes Steve learned to stop taking things for granted.  The next sound he heard was an angry voice, as he looked up to see  two hooded men.  The one man shouted orders at them, but Steve was in shock and couldn’t comprehend what was going through his ears.  Suddenly his son appeared behind the men,  one startled spun and discharged a firearm into the young child.  Regardless of shock, all fathers take on the same instinct to protect their families and Steve sprung into action only to be hit with a bullet himself.

Steve awoke days later, in a hospital bed, lucky to be alive, or at least that is what everyone told him.  He wished he wasn’t. His son and his wife both murdered, as was his intended fate, and the house burnt to the ground.  The house with all the memories of his wife and child.  Steve himself suffered a severe spinal injury and would never walk again.  He had been in treatment for over a month at this hospital now, they told him it would get better, but they were wrong.  The fragility of life had hit him full on, he had lost the things that mattered most and he had never taken the time to appreciate.  Steve stared out the window watching others enjoy their lives, taking for granted what he had, not realizing the pane of glass between their happiness and his hell could shatter at any moment.