Here is the thing, they lived in a world full of false assumptions.  They are surrounded by things that trick them into seeing or feeling things in a certain way.  These tiny creatures scurried about, always assuming that they were so important, as if what they did made a difference to the universe.  Never once did they really truly contemplate how they fit into the grand picture, or more precisely that there wasn’t a grand picture for them.

Neila loved to watch the creatures scurry about, he loved it more than any of his peers.  He often chose to watch the creatures scurry about in their little orb, rather than engage in any of the other things his peers did.  Most of them enjoyed building and creating, but Neila much preferred watching.  He got a kick out of watching the creatures crawl out of their created structures and go to work at their insignificant jobs, always thinking they were special.  He watched them interact in so many different ways, in looking out for each other and in fighting each other.  He laughed as they lived their short insignificant lives and passed on.  He was sure they all thought death was more eventful than just being the end.  He laughed because they were wrong.

Neila watched for hours, but on this day he watched them and they seemed more agitated. He watched as the posturing began, and he could tell they were flexing their muscles at each other.  He could see that their narcissism was leading to them thinking their place in their universe was sacred and valuable, some feeling more valuable than others.  It wasn’t the first time he watched these stupid creatures bring themselves to the brink of destruction but he feared it would be the last time.  He didn’t laugh now, this was his favourite creation to watch. He loved these creatures for their confidence and ingenuity as well as their naivety.  They provided better entertainment than the other orbs he could watch.  However today things had escalated and the humans on orb Earth were now preparing for the end of all life on the planet.  So sure of themselves, not realizing their reality was artificial and if they followed through in this nuclear war, their orb would be thrown in the trash and a new one put in its place.  It would take millions of years for the new orb to develop, Neila didn’t want to be bored for that space of time, but as the first strikes were launched he sat, sad to know it was the end.  The Humans would kill their orb. He looked over at his work station and started the process of building a replacement.

A thought crossed his mind as he pondered the end of the humans. What if someone was sitting watching him, like he watched the humans.  What if we are all just someone’s experiment?