Fuck the government! That is what we all should feel.  Those grimy sons’a bitches don’t do us any good.  All they do is steal from us and call it taxes.  Then they line the pockets of them and their pals and leave us with nothing to show for it.  They pass laws that are only meant to withhold rights from the average citizens and interfere with their freedoms.  The government spent most of its time spying on good folk and turning average people into criminals with things like increased gun control.  So, yeah Fuck the Government!

Ricky wasn’t going to stand for this government anymore.  His country was being torn from what made it great right in front of him.  Ricky had loved his nation for years.  He loved it so much, he had joined the Marines as soon as he could and he had killed for his country in the first Gulf War.  He did it because his country was the best and they knew what was best for the world.  He did it because George H.W. Bush was a damn fine man and it was an honour to serve under a defender of the American way.  He might even say he liked it, well liked winning a war with his country, he just wished they had finished the damn job.  It would be a new generation of Marine’s that put Saddam’s head on a pike, but it had started with Ricky and his crew.

Now Ricky looked at the news in his country and was horrified.  The goddam Communist pukes were looking to run the show.  He was disgusted by the support for this narcissistic asshole Bernie Sanders.  That clown didn’t care about America, shit he probably didn’t even believe in the crap that came out of his mouth, he just believed in making himself the centre of attention.  And the prick did it by destroying the American way, by calling down the American dream.  This horrified Ricky and he just couldn’t stand to watch it, but like a train wreck he couldn’t look away.  As things would turn out Bernie wouldn’t be his issue.  But that dumb cow Hillary seemed to be the next in line.

Ricky sat in his house watching his party, the GOP, put up a total moron to fight against the evils of this Clinton lady.  Trump wasn’t fit to lead the best party in the free world, but Ricky couldn’t do anything about it.  Or could he?

Ricky formulated a plan, and set it in motion.  He would help the State of Kentucky win its Autonomy from the United States, the once great nation he had killed for.  So Ricky stole away into the mountains in late May and started calling all his buddies.  They all shared the same view of the direction of their country.  They moved into one of the  cabins up in the mountains and surrounded it with a razor-wire fence.  They would fight the government and force to listen to their demands.  Barack Obama himself would come to hear them out.

Ricky had brought together 30 men and they set up a new goal, the Free State Of Kentucky Party they called themselves.  Their demands were simple.  The  secession of Kentucky from the Union and the ability to form its own constitution.  They would keep the old America here in Kentucky while the rest of America became a cesspool of socialist scum.  And as old America collapsed under the weight if its over inflated social programs, people would flock to Kentucky and they would have the support they needed to overthrow the American government.  It was a long con and might take years but Ricky and his guys were ready for it.

First they needed a way to open the lines of communication.  So they did what was only sensible and they kidnapped 5 congressman.  It wasn’t easy but they did it.  4 democrats and 1 Republican.  They coordinated the grabs after only a few weeks of planning.  4 of the 5 made it back to Kentucky with their hostages.  They always new it wasn’t likely they would all get back to the cabin.  In fact this was good because it would help facilitate the opening of communications.

The team setup a perimeter with their body armour on and night vision goggles.  They took turns waiting for the government response.  After five days the phone rang.  It wasn’t the president, it wasn’t even someone who took the time to introduce themselves.  It was just a voice that said “Your colleague has informed us of your demands.  We will not be able to meet those, you have exactly one hour to turn yourselves in or we will surround your property and begin to end this situation very quickly.”  Ricky talked to the others, and they all decided they wanted to stand against the government.  So they didn’t respond, and instead readied their defense.

Six hours had passed since the call and nothing.  Ricky stood watch of the hostages for his shift. The others were out in the dug-in locations they had, preparing to fight off the government agents.  Ricky smiled to himself as he started to think the government may not be interested in another Waco.  Maybe it would be easier to just give in to the demands of Ricky and his men.  After all, the Kentucky talk shows were full of supporters calling in to cheer Ricky and his crew on.  With that thought Ricky heard the first shots out side.  He shouldered his weapon and moved to the door to engage the government agents.  As he arrived there he felt a burning sensation in his shoulder and then felt the cracking of the bones in his skull.  Guess he wouldn’t be leading the Free State of Kentucky after all.  Still Fuck the Government.