Hagar was in awe as the sky changed.  He always had been; now a little older, he was able to process the feeling as curiosity.  The skies darkened above him and the air started moving around him, slowly picking up speed.  It was almost like the sky, blue just minutes ago, was now a rolling grey body of water.  The sky was mad and started to show it.  Almost like it became a beast.  The first signs were always the changing winds and then slowly the darkness moved over his head.

The others moved back inside, fearful of the sky.  But not Hagar.  He stayed to watch the sky beast change into the dark anger above head.  Not the white fluff that usually floated over head but now the dark grey with tones of green in it.  The first drops of water began to fall.  Hagar watched it splash on his outstretched hand and the ground.  It started to pick up speed.  This would be one of those times the sky got very angry.  He could tell as the drops of water picked up in size.  The force of the large drops began to hurt.  Still Hagar stayed out to see the beast move over him.  The drops came faster and faster, now falling like a slow waterfall, slamming into the ground and shattering on impact.  He wondered where all the water came from, it was like the dark sky was dropping a full lake in front of him.

Next came the signs that the beast was going to attack those on the ground below it.  The sky shot a bolt of white down to the ground.  Shortly afterwards the sky cracked in anger.  As if to warn Hagar it wanted to get him.  Still he stayed.  He stayed until the sky started shooting small white rocks at him.  These hurt too much to stand in.  He slid his way back inside the entrance of his family’s cave.  He continued to watch from there.  Wondering what had made the sky beast roll in.  Why was the sky upset? The white rocks smashed into the ground.  The sound was deafening.  Hagar watched, wary as the sky got angrier at his defiance to leave it be.  He continued to watch as the bright white sticks struck the ground and the sky grumbled loudly with each and every one.  The grumbles becoming sharper and closer to the same time as the white sticks landed.  Never did the white sticks stay on the ground.  Where did they go, he wondered?  Did the beast suck them back up?  Maybe they weren’t sticks but arms of the beast striking out blindly.

After a short period of time the sky beast gave up its attack on Hagar and he watched it go over his cave entrance and move on.  Unsatisfied it had not been able to strike Hagar.  The grumbles from it could be heard as it moved away.  The blue sky returned, with the fluffy white shapes he loved to watch go by.  The sky beast had lost again.  Hagar was sad though. He liked the sky beast, it left him interested.  He wanted to understand the sky beast’s anger, but never would.