Jeff watched the stars fly by out his window.  Stars out his window was one of his favourite parts of travelling.  He had spent most of his life travelling along the stars, it had been the advantage of being born into wealth.  In the past people would have looked down on him as a trust fund baby who didn’t do anything with his life.  He probably wouldn’t have minded that either.  Really, Jeff was just living his own life.  These days there was no one to say anything because he spent his time travelling away from humans for the most part.

Jeff watched the stars some more, and wondered what it was like when people were contained to one planet.  Of course humans had long since abandoned that planet and travelled to many others to set up roots.  The Earth was little more than a footnote in history at this point in time.  It had been three centuries since anyone connected to earth was alive.  Nobody was in a rush to go back to the planet that everyone wanted off of in the first place.

Jeff thought back to the first time he left home on a trip, no one else wanted to go to Yulargia.  Mainly because it was a resort planet for some of the smelliest alien species in the world.  It wasn’t cheap to book a vacation there, but he wanted to go because of some of the rumours of amazing relaxation.  The Yulargians had 4 arms with human like hands but so much smoother.  They were the only race of aliens known how to be skilled enough to offer every known race a relaxing massage.  And they refused to leave the planet.  One of the Yulargians could be one of the wealthiest creatures in the universe if they would just travel a little. Yulargia was also home to the strength springs.  An hour in the springs gave most races the ability to reach their best potential strength for months.  Many a workers had come to perform better at their jobs.  An individual was limited to one, one hour, dip in the springs every 5 years.  Overdose was very dangerous.  Aside from these specialties the planet had spent incredible amounts of wealth on creating resorts for almost every species.  The Humans were not given an area.  The Yulargians wouldn’t even let the humans in the springs, too volatile a race.  Jeff laughed at this, they definitely had a point. However Jeff had booked a large room and relaxed for a week, enjoying the amazing food of each races resort area, laying on the white sand beaches and meeting a number of interesting individuals few other humans would ever meet.

Jeff’s first trip lead him to trips to home planets of almost all races.  He had some great experiences, like climbing the diamond mountains in Helentia, dangerous but beautiful.  Going to Sunset Cove in Galandagar, where the setting of the 2 suns, in an awesome sequential dance, gave way to the rising of 12 moons of varying sizes.  The fact that the planet was young and inhabited by a number of species that would best be compared to dinosaurs from the human past, did not deter Jeff.  In fact he found they didn’t really bother him at all, probably wasn’t a big enough snack.  He even enjoyed Hivelborg, the planet that was essentially one giant bee hive.  It had nothing to offer humans at all.  The planet was inhabited by two super intelligent races of essentially giant bugs.  They were hideous and condescending to humans.

After fifteen years of hitting the worlds most exotic planets he had the best and worst stories.  He spent little time at home or on other major human planets.  The humans had a number of planets to live on, but they were not great.  Some were incredibly poor and food was scarce.  Others were doing just fine but really had nothing special to offer but worst was the human planets in an endless state of war.  At times this had been the majority of planets.  Other races didn’t visit very often, they didn’t like it, and from what they saw humans weren’t good friends.  None of them engaged in armed conflict, they just had really good shielding from human aggression.  Basically they just rendered human attacks fruitless.  So the humans had quickly stopped attacking, who they identified as weak and settled into their planets.  Humans were not ever issued immigration permission to none-human planets and the truth was the other humans had made it hard for Jeff to get approved for visiting some of the planets he did want to get on to.  Some planets required incredible psychological testing.  Jeff enjoyed this, he wanted to know the planets to be free of humans and most humans wouldn’t jump through hoops.

This trip would be different, this trip he would have to see humans, although very few, and  he had no hoops to jump through.  Jeff was going to visit Earth.  Few people had and no one had really recorded their trip, apparently not worth it.  The only problem with visiting earth is that their was nothing to really see.  Wars and disasters had damaged most Earth’s attractions in the years prior to almost everyone leaving. Maybe five million people stayed on earth.

Jeff’s small ship, broke from hyper-speed and slowed not far from Earth.  He didn’t have to clear any flight control requirements, there wasn’t any real traffic.  He plotted a landing-place and brought his ship down in a field, near what would have been New York in the past.  All areas were in serious need of repair around him.  As he hopped out of the ship he was shocked at the lush grass fields.  He wondered into a lively city filled with many people hustling and bustling along with their work days.  Over the next week he travelled to the most beautiful beaches the world had to offer throughout the universe.  He found relaxation in the hot springs in upper North America.  He watched the Sunset from what was known as Oahu.  He skied the amazing Swiss Alps and visited the great pyramids.  He conversed with people who were happy and loved their planet.  They grew their own food and traded it between them.  The humans left on earth had learned to trade without conflict, they had needed each other to survive.  It turns out, the problem wasn’t earth but the first humans to left Earth who made it so awful.  Earth was in fact the happiest place Jeff had visited.  Jeff looked around and realized for the first time he had found a planet to call home.