It was the fist time, and it wouldn’t be the last!

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last.  That is the opposite of what Steve was thinking at this moment.  Steve just wanted to fit in at work, so he did what the guys did.  Steve didn’t really know how to fit in, and had been taking pointers from google for a while.  He kind of fell into his place at work, and no one really questioned him because he had some handy skills.

A week ago Steve’s lanky frame had been taken skydiving and he hated it, that would be the last time.  Today though, the guys took him on a real work outing.  This would be the first, but if it wasn’t the last he would lose his job and for that matter maybe worse.  Steve thought about his collection of Transformer toys, a secret from these guys, and looked across down at the man sitting in front of him.  This isn’t something he even wanted a first time of, to be honest. He looked at the guys from work and they all stared back in anticipation.  He was good with numbers, that was his skill, and this organization valued guys who could work the numbers.  He liked having a secure job.

Fuck it, thought Steve, I will do it, got to look out for number one.  Maybe it will be the last one.  He nodded to Big Sal.   Sal handed him the cold steel Beretta.  Steve levelled the gun at the man in front of him and pulled the trigger.

“Fuck yeah, your first, and not your last, welcome to the family kid.”  Sal embraced Steve.

Being a  made man was a first and last!