Timothy stared out at the fence across the yard. He would go outside of it all on his own one day.  He promised himself that.  He looked down at his skinny little legs, shaking his head in disgust at their lack of strength.  “And what if I did cross that fence, where would these weak legs take me?  Is there any adventures out there for me?”  Timothy thought to himself.

It was a nice day, the air was calm and warm, but not too hot.  He had climbed onto the porch in front of the house  in hopes of looking out past the fence.  Past the fence where his dreams might be fulfilled. Free to be whatever he wanted.  He wondered often what kind of amazing adventures he would experience out there.  He was always snapped back to reality though.  The tyrant he lived with would never let him go.  The rules were so clear, he was there to complete his chores for those he lived with, and specifically the tyrannt.  As he sat there on the porch, his brother, down in the yard looked up at him with frustration. Timothy left his dreams at the top of the porch and stumbled down the steps to help his brother carry the groceries back into their home.  He walked them across the yard as the clouds started to gather above.

As the rain began to fall he moved back inside and would wait for the moisture to stop.  He was tired of being stuck here.  And that is the moment he decided to stop dreaming.  Nothing specific lead to this epiphany, no motivational moment, just the end of chores and the boredom of home.  This was it Timothy told himself, later this day he would make the trek to the fence and outside of it.  Time to set out on his own path and make is mark on the world.

The rain stopped and he made his move.  Quickly Timothy made his way away from his home and towards the fence.  It was a longer journey than he expected but he made his way there.  He decided he would climb to the top of the fence. As if to truly conquer the fence that held him from the dreams on the other side.  He got to the top of the fence and paused.  He stopped to look back at the house in the distance and his home.  He knew he was making the decision he would never turn back from.  He didn’t say good-bye or leave anything to tell anyone of his decision.  The truth is few if any would ever notice he was missing.  Sure someone would have to pick up the slack but the others were workers, not dreamers and that would be easy for them.  He looked back thinking of the tyranny that the queen of that home had ruled with.  Everyone forced into roles by the queen, no one permitted a say in what they wanted.  All working for her happiness, all the time.  And with this thought he started his way down to the other side.

Timothy stepped out onto the sidewalk, the dreams about to be realized flooding his mind.  So much to do, so much to experience and such an impact he would have.  As he took his second step, a shadow moved over him, making the ground around him dark.  He looked up expecting to see another storm blowing in, but that was not the case.  In his haste to his dreams he had not watched where he went and he was now looking into the bottom of human foot, a 9 in a circle stamped on the bottom of this foot.  He had lost many of those from his home to bottom of human feet before.  As Timothy looked up, the home, the hill he lived in flashed before his eyes.  As it turned out, Timothy’s weak legs would be fine for the short journey he would experience beyond the fence.  As the pressure started on his small, weak body, he smiled.  He did it he got to the other side of the fence!